Be Fruitful

Genesis 1:27
Be fruitful – the ability to produce in abundance, to blossom, to thrive, to develop or grow, to be productive
To be fruitful is the ability to produce fruit that is beneficial or profitable
You cannot exercise dominion mandate if you are not fruitful. God commands the man and woman to be fruitful and productive.
Genesis 1:28
Fruitfulness is part and parcel of the dominion mandate. You cannot claim to be exercising your dominion mandate when your life doesn’t exhibit fruitfulness.
Be- used to denote 🙁 according to merian dictionary)
1. Indicates the identity of a person /thing
2. Describes the quality of a person /thing
3. Indicates the condition of a person /thing
Fruitfulness was intricately woven into the being of man. It became part and parcel of his spirit, soul and body. Fruitfulness would be his identity, quality and condition.
The implication of the word ‘be’ is three fold:
1. Identity is the declaration of our make up. It is the way we have been structured. Fruitfulness is part and parcel of who we are. We are created to be fruitful.
2. The quality is the declaration of our class. Our species is superior than any other species on earth. No animal can fit in our class, we’re in our own class.
Our fruitfulness is comprehensive and wider in scope we don’t just give birth, we can do other things.
Example : Man can sing, write, read, speak in different languages, can build sky scrappers.
Man is unique and more intelligent than any other creatures.
3. The condition is the declaration of our potential. We have inherent ability to be fruitful. This ability has been vested in us by God.
Man has so much potential in the inside of him that regardless of where you put him you will still see fruitfulness oozing out of him.
When God said ‘be fruitful’, He was declaring man’s potential, his class and his make up.
You might appear raw, unkempt, uncouth, virgin, inexperienced and naive but inside you there is dna of fruitfulness.
You have been conditioned to be fruitful. God didn’t create any failure and released them on earth. He didn’t create anyone devoid of the dna of fruitfulness.
Go out there and blossom, thrive and be productive. Everything you do has reward, the inventive prowess is in you.
Dimensions of Fruitfulness
When you function in fruitfulness, exercising your dominion mandate becomes inevitable.
1. Fruit of the womb.
Involves bringing forth children in this world. It is one of the old and commonest ways a person can be fruitful.
God designed that when a man and a woman come together, they produce the fruit of the womb.
God expects us to experience the fruit of the womb.
Psalm 127:3
There are families in the Bible that experienced the barreness of the womb
Abraham – for a while there was no child, regardless of the promise by God.
Elkanah’s family – Hannah wasn’t able to bring forth a child, the Lord had closed her womb.
Shunamite woman’s family – the husband was old
As hopeless as it seemed, God still came through for them God blessed them. The barreness was there for a while but God brought fruitfulness in their lives.
With Abraham, the promise was activated through his generosity.
With Hannah, it was through fervent prayer. God was look for a prophet on one hand and on the other Hannah was looking for a son. God’s need collided with her need and God came through for her.
For the shunamite woman, she refreshed the man of God. And one day the man of God released a prophecy in her life.
2. The fruit of the mind/Fruit of thoughts.
Jeremiah 6:19
Your thoughts and your mind has fruit. You can experience fruit in your mind depending on how you think as a person.
The fruit of the mind can be used to serve bad or good purposes. When you use it for bad it brings calamity in your life, positive way of thinking brings blessing in your life.
Your thinking determines your sinking or your lifting. How you think determines the scope of your fruitfulness.
Your thinking, if positive will activate great ideas and witty inventions, it will also take you where you have not been physically, it will take you further than what your eyes can see.
Proverbs 23:7
The kind of thoughts you entertain in your mind determines the kind of fruit you experience in your life.
If you think you are worthless, that’s the kind of fruit you will experience in your life. If you think you are the head and not the tail, that’s the kind of fruit you will experience.
What are you thinking about yourself?
You can grow up in poverty, but if you think you will remain poor, that is what you will experience regardless of the amount of money you handle. But if you change your thinking, think about investments and do things differently from your family, then that is what you will experience.
As you think, you become.
3. Fruit of the lips
What you say is what you see and it is what you will have. Fruitfulness can be manifested through our words.
Proverbs 18:20
Your mouth has so much power that whatever you say is whatever you will see in your life. Whatever you speak into the atmosphere will determine the kind of fruit you produce.
If you speak negativity, defeat, hunger, those are the kind of fruit you will experience in your life.
Change the way you speak, say good things about your life even if it isn’t what you are experiencing. A man’s stomach shall be satisfied by the fruit of his lips.
There are things that when you begin speaking in your life you will start seeing fruit. We have to learn to speak words that will produce positive fruit in our lives.
Husband beautify your wife with your words and they will start being beautiful to you and you will not drool over other women.
4. Fruit of your hands
Refers to work. It is what you create / develop with your physical ability.
Proverbs 14:23
In all labour there is profit. Everything that you will do with your hand there will be profit.
It doesn’t matter where you start from,you will always rise. you can be a cleaner but if you have this scripture in your head, there will be profit.
It doesn’t matter where you start that matters, it is where you finish.
5. Fruit of the Spirit
Galatians 5:22-23
This is the character of God in us. It is as a result of the regeneration that has taken place in the inside of you.
Salvation is instant, God’s forgiveness is instant and the spirit of God comes in the inside of you to effect the changes but there is a process because you have other components in your being that is your soul and your body.
The body and soul also must conform in what has happened in the spirit and that process is called sanctification and it is aided by the Holy Spirit.
The Holy Spirit will influence your spirit to begin producing the fruits of the spirit, which will be manifested in through your character.
The fruit of the spirit takes time, it is not instantaneous. You might be saved but you will find you’re having challenges in some areas, but as you keep on exposing yourself to God’s word you begin to gain victory over those areas.
Love : Loving is not easy if it is not the love of God. Without God, You cannot love, you can only lust.
For you to demonstrate love you have to yield yourself to the spirit of God. Where you love people without expecting anything from them, unconditional love.
Joy : You can have joy even when you’re not happy or things aren’t working in your life.
Joy tells you that whatever you are going through will come to pass, it has an end.
Peace : Peace is not the absence of war. You might be going through a difficult situation but you are at peace.
Long suffering : It is the elasticity of love. You can’t be broken easily.
Kindness : Being nice, giving not only money but also making others feel comfortable around you.
Self Control : The highest form of discipline is self control. Saying no even when your body says otherwise.
Our minds produce ideas, our hands manufacture products, our lips speak words and our character exhibit moral and ethical values that will lead us to fruitfulness which will give us legal ground to exercise the dominion mandate.


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    Eugene Eshitemi says

    This sermon has blessed me.

  2. Reply
    Eugene says

    This sermon has blessed me.

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